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Diane Hessan

August 2, 2022

Boston Globe Columnist, entrepreneur, investor, and Harvard MBA discusses the moment Donald Trump won the Presidency in 2016. She discusses consensus issues that cable news won’t cover, and how her work with Hillary Clinton’s campaign led her to write the bestselling book “Our Common Ground”.

Don Bolia

July 26, 2022

Georgia’s most powerful lobbyist stops in to discuss an industry full of misconceptions. How he recruits clients. How he delivers results. He discusses long term issues that face Georgia. And why every organization needs a government relations expert on the payroll.

David Perdue

July 19, 2022

Listen to former United States Senator David Perdue chronicle his business career, winning a senate race, his takes on President Trump, and deciding to run for Governor in Georgia.

Mary Robichaux

July 12, 2022

The state house representative representing Roswell and Johns Creek stops by to talk about sitting in the minority party. She talks about running down ballot from the Biden Administration’s policies, and why Republicans voters should listen to her common sense approach before casting a ballot.

Billy Grogan and John Robison

July 5, 2022

The chief’s of police from Dunwoody and Alpharetta stop in to discuss the last few years in law enforcement. They discuss recruiting challenges. How they politics with a changing industry. And why Atlanta has made huge mistakes.